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Solve Puzzles

  • Swipe the letters in order to complete the puzzle.
  • Letters can be connected vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
  • Are you stuck? Press the refresh button to reset the puzzle.

Use Hints

  • Need help? Tap on the hint button to reveal a letter.
  • Each hint costs 25 coins.
  • You can earn more coins by completing all the puzzles in a package.
  • You can also receive coins for watching video ads on the puzzle screen.

Share with friends

  • Having trouble? Ask your friends for help!
  • Tap on the Friends icon to share your puzzle on Facebook.

Earn Point

  • Earn Points by completing puzzles.
  • You can also earn points by watching video ads, sharing the app on Facebook, or by reviewing the app.


Count til' you drop!

  • Earn point and time bonuses by counting the numbers quickly!
  • Quickly count negative, positive, and English number words.
  • The more puzzles you clear, the more difficult the puzzles become!

Spend Hearts to Earn Extra Points

  • Use hearts to play games with higher point rewards!
  • Compete for the highest score on the CrazyCash leaderboard!


Weekly & Overall Ranking

  • Top ranked users win cash prizes every week.
  • The more tickets you have, the higher you rank!
  • The weekly leaderboard is reset every week.
  • The overall leaderboard is never reset.

Friend Ranking

  • See your Facebook friends on the Friends leaderboard.
  • This function is only available for users logged in with Facebook.


Select Vocabulary Package

  • Tap on the menu icon to open the package selection screen.
  • Select a vocabulary package by tapping on the icon.

Save Favorites

  • Save your favorite vocabulary by tapping on the star icon next to the vocabulary word.
  • See all of your saved words in the favorite vocabulary tab.
  • Remove words from your favorite vocabulary list by tapping the yellow star.


+XP to Level Up

  • Raise your XP by solving puzzles.
  • When the XP progress bar is full, you level up!

Increase Your Points Boost!

  • Leveling up increases the number of points you earn for each puzzle.
  • See your level specifications in your profile page.


Weekly & Overall Prizes

  • Weekly & Overall prizes are awarded to users with the most tickets each week.
  • Your rank can be viewed from the leaderboard page.

Cash Out

My Cash

  • After you win your prize, go to My Cash to redeem your reward.
  • Write a winning message to add your reward to your Balance.

Withdraw Cash or Gift Cards

  • Withdraw your cash by tapping on Withdraw Cash
  • Choose your withdrawal method
  • Withdrawals over $100 USD can be redeemed via bank transfer in various currencies.
  • Amounts less than $100 can be redeemed with gift cards in various currencies.