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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CashEnglish?
CashEnglish is the first mobile app where you can play games, learn English, and win cash. We want you to learn, have fun, and make money at the same time!

I want it now! Where can I download it?
CashEnglish was just launched in June 2016! We hope to provide the best experience for you. Thank you all who have waited for our app! CashEnglish is now available for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.

Is it really free? How do I earn cash?
Yes, it’s free! You simply play our English games, climb the leaderboard, and earn tickets. After you collect tickets, you can get real cash.

How do you send money?
If the reward amount is over $100 (USD), we can deposit your reward directly to your bank account via wire transfer. If the withdraw amount is less than $100, you can redeem your reward with gift cards.

How do you send wire transfers?
When you withdraw your reward, we will send a confirmation email to the address that is associated with your CashEnglish account. This email will contain detailed instructions to set up the wire transfer. You will need to provide some information and documentation for tax reporting purposes as required by South Korean law.

Will my personal and bank information be safe?
Absolutely! CashEnglish takes personal privacy and security extremely seriously. All collected information will only be used for tax reporting purposes and will not be shared with anyone else. For more information, please check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Can I use CashEnglish in any country?
CashEnglish is a global app that is available in many countries. If our app is available in your country’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then you can play! Due to local laws and restrictions, our app is not yet available in some countries. If you don’t see us in the app store, we will be there soon!

I cannot speak English well. Can I play?
Yes, don’t worry! CashEnglish is for everyone. We hope you will improve your English after you play our fun games.