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Did you know that playing puzzle games has been proven to help your brain?

You will improve not only your memory but also how your mind works overall!

There was a recent study done at the National University of Distance Education in Spain.

The study found that people of all ages who played memory and puzzle games had improvements on their brain health.

They showed better reaction time, attention, and memory.

Participants of the study played many different video games and puzzles and were then tested to see if they had showed improvements.

Everyone played games found on Luminosity, a web based gaming platform; these games included Speed Match, Memory Matrix, Face memory, Money comb, and more.

In each session they played six games. Nobody ever played these games before. The results from this study proved that those who play puzzles and games can make their brain stronger!

So what does that mean? CashEnglish puzzles will help your brain! AND you can win real cash by doing it! It’s fun, good for your health, and good for your wallet!